Welcome, New Monthly Members!


To sign up email vipmemberhpl@gmail.com or text in for details 289.814.0101

There is only 3 spots available for May.
This Tier is now open to regulars that are not in club.hotpinklist.com

As a VIP, you will enjoy several exclusive benefits:

Early Start:
Gain access to the Schedule on Saturday night 7pm-7:45pm, Instead of Sunday mornings and having to wait for it to be released.

First Dibs on Bookings:
Be the first to learn about our newest Companions and Duos, with priority booking options.

Exclusive Access:
Enjoy early access to our main lines starting at 7:30 AM every day, giving you a 30-minute advantage for the day’s bookings.

Priority Posts:
New and returning ladies are announced here first, with the opportunity for early bookings.


VIP Membership Payment Guide Using Gift Cards

Welcome to the privileged world of our VIP Service!
For a discreet and streamlined payment process, we accept membership fees through gift cards from selected retailers.

Membership Donation $100

When you register, once approved, you will be sent step by step details on how to acquire your access.

For any assistance or inquiries about your payment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We are here to ensure a seamless transition to VIP status.