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*TBC (To be confirmed) *NY (North York) *DT (Downtown) *AP (Airport) *MIS (Mississauga) *MRK (Markham)

***1st appointments are NOT guaranteed, Please be patient polite & friendly when booking <3 ***

Ladies availability & locations are subject to change.
With at least an hours notice (no discounts given), Allow up to 10 mins for possible delays.

– Hours & Locations to be added and/or changed / Schedule page updated daily –

Sep 16 – Sep 23 Sun Sep 16 Mon Sep 17 Tues Sep 18 Wed Sep 19 Thurs Sep 20 Fri Sep 21 Sat Sep 22 Sun Sep 23
Anastasia 11am-9pm DT 11am-9pm MIS 11am-9pm MIS 11am-9pm NY
*NEW Alya 12pm-9pm NY 1pm-9pm MIS 4pm-9pm MIS 11am-9pm DT 1pm-8pm DT
Arianna 10am-3pm AP
Charlotte 10am-10pm AP 10am-3pm AP
Chloe 11am-8pm AP 11am-8pm AP 11am-8pm AP 11am-8pm AP
Drew 10-430pm MIS
Giselle 12pm-8pm DT 12pm-8pm NY 12pm-8pm MIS
New* Harper 11am-9pm AP 11am-8pm AP 11am-9pm AP
Iris 12pm-8pm DT 10am-6pm NY
Kelly 11am-9pm MIS 10am-4pm MIS
Kristen 10am-10pm AP 10am-10pm AP 10am-10pm AP
Kyllie 11am-9pm AP 11am-8pm AP 11am-8pm AP 4pm-10pm AP 11am-8pm AP
Lauren 10am-3pm AP 10am-330pm AP
New* Layla 12pm-7pm NY 1pm-10pm MIS 1pm-10pm DT
Lindsay 5pm-10pm MIS 1pm-9pm MIS
Melanie 10am-10pm AP 10-430pm MIS 10-430pm MIS
Mona 1pm-10pm MIS 1pm-10pm NY 1pm-10pm DT 1pm-10pm MIS
New* Remy 5pm-10pm MRK 2pm-10pm MRK 5pm-10pm MIS 11am-8pm MIS
Rosa 2pm-7pm NY
Savannah 12pm-10pm MIS 12pm-10pm AP 12pm-10pm AP 12pm-10pm MIS
New* Star Booked 11am-8pm AP
New* Stella 5pm-10pm MIS 5pm-10pm MRK 2pm-10pm MRK
Tina 1030-10pm AP 1030-10pm AP 1030-10pm AP 1030-10pm AP
Valentina 1pm-8pm AP 12-8pm MIS 1pm-8pm AP
Winter 5-10pm AP