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*TBC (To be confirmed) *NY (North York) *DT (Downtown) *AP (Airport) *MIS (Mississauga) *MRK (Markham) *RH (Richmond Hill)

***1st appointments are NOT guaranteed, Please be patient polite & friendly when booking <3 ***

Ladies availability & locations are subject to change.
With at least an hours notice (no discounts given), Allow up to 10 mins for possible delays.

– Hours & locations may be changed / Schedule page updated daily –

Apr 15 – Apr 22 Sun Apr 15 Mon Apr 16 Tues Apr 17 Wed Apr 18 Thurs Apr 19 Fri Apr 20 Sat Apr 21 Sun Apr 22
Aida Off this wk 11am-8pm AP
Anastasia 11am-9pm DT 11am-9pm NY 11am-9pm DT
Angel Off this wk
New* Anita 11am-9pm MIS 10am-4pm MIS 10am-10pm MIS Off 2pm-10pm NY
Aspen 11am-8pm DT 11am-8pm DT
Arianna 11am-7pm AP 11am-8pm AP
Charlotte 11am-10pm AP 10am-10pm AP 10am-4pm AP Off Off
Drew 3pm-10pm MIS Off
Elle 11am-5pm DT 12pm-9pm MIS
New* Giselle 12pm-8pm NY 4pm-11pm MIS 12pm-10pm MIS 12pm-10pm MIS 11am-9pm DT 12pm-10pm MIS
Iris 1pm-8pm NY 12pm-8pm NY 11am-7pm DT 12pm-7pm NY
Jasmine Off this wk
Jessica Rabbit 3pm-10pm MIS 1pm-9pm AP
New* Kelly 2pm-10pm AP 10am-8pm AP 10am-6pm AP
Kyllie 10am-430pm MIS
Leslie 11am-8pm MIS
Lauren Off 10am-3pm MRK
Melody 11am-8pm MIS 11am-8pm MIS 11am-8pm MIS 11am-7pm MIS
Nadia 11am-7pm MIS 11am-8pm AP 11am-6pm MIS
Nisha Off this wk
New* Nova 2pm-10pm AP 11am-10pm AP
Octavia 5pm-10pm MIS 1030-230pm MIS
Reese 11am-8pm MIS 11am-6pm MIS 11am-8pm AP
New* Riley 10am-8pm MIS
New* Rose 4pm-10pm MIS Off 5pm-10pm MIS 2pm-10pm MIS
New* Sasha 11am-10pm MIS 11am-10pm MIS 11am-10pm MIS 12pm-10pm MIS 12pm-9pm MIS
Sonya 1130-8pm AP
Tina 1030-10pm AP 1030-10pm AP 1030-10pm AP 1030-10pm AP 1030-10pm AP
Valentina 2pm-9pm AP Booked
Veena Booked